Return of the mack.

Right, here’s the story…

I just got back from visiting the physio and he was absolutely fantastic.

Basically my infected foot wasn’t infected at all and the doctor misdiagnosed me and all my illness with the penicillin wasn’t needed.

I’ve injured a few bones in my foot, a stress fracture, and a few ligaments. This has caused my ankle to seize up. In turn my ankle seizing up has lead to my calf muscle locking and causing the pain in my knee.

James, the lovely physio, has said that this is something that we can fix and fix quite soon.

But the best news of all was the fact that he has assured me that I CAN run the half marathon, Run to the Beat.


He’s called it his mission and all I have to do is clock at least a steady, comfortable 8 mile run before the big day.

Finally some fabulous news about my body.

Plus I survived day one on the diet .